Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Michael Casidy - Small Things

M i c h a e l     C a s s i d y

S m a l l   T h i n g s
Sept. 16 - Oct. 16 2014
We are constantly “connected” to the world via our phones, computers, pads, and pods. These devices are incredibly useful, but many of us allow them to dominate our lives. I believe we are at risk of losing track of some fundamental elements of being human. As accessibility and efficiency increase, awareness of our self and our surroundings decrease. We are losing the desire and ability to have direct, personal relationships in the present with other people and nature. We are suffering due to our noisy, overly connected, fast-paced, and multi-tasked culture.
These paintings are a reflection of the often neglected, but elemental human need to turn off and unplug. The highly detailed images are intended as portraits of silent, peripheral, and nearly invisible things. They are about recognizing beauty and fostering curiosity by slowing down, breathing deeply, looking closely, and heightening awareness of the small and overlooked.

Michael Cassidy was born and raised in Michigan. A rural upbringing created a deep-seated connection with nature but an interest in art led him to Kendall College of Art and Design in, Grand Rapids, Michigan. He found his place in the Studio Art Department and graduated with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking in 2000. In 2001 Cassidy left Michigan to study painting at the University of South Carolina, in Columbia, SC. Homesick, Cassidy was drawn to the rural areas of the South. Though the flora and fauna was vastly different from that of Michigan, he found the rural culture to be familiar. Cassidy received his MFA in 2004. Currently, he is the Exhibition and Collections Manager at the I.P. Stanback Museum and Planetarium here at SC State. Residing in West Columbia, SC., Cassidy continues to draw inspiration from the landscape and cultures of the rural South.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

CHARACTERS by Jenny Dowd

South Carolina State University’s Visual and Performing Arts Department welcomes prominent Wyoming artist Mrs. Jenny Dowd to the Fine Arts Building Gallery for her showing of “CHARACTERS.”

Jenny Dowd, Narcissus, Steel, 2012
“CHARACTERS” will be on display from:

 March 4 - April 3rd 2014

Artist Talk and Reception:

March 7, 2014
3:30 - 4 PM Artist Talk in the FAB Gallery
4 - 5:30 Reception in FAB Foyer

Mrs. Jenny Dowd says of her work “A reflection of the figure lingers in the spaces occupied by the body: furniture, rooms, clothing. These spaces cannot help but be defined by human touch or presence. Questions and memories linger in these negative spaces, the air or surface heavy with touch and familiarity. In this case everything has something to say, a lamp bullies chairs while two little chairs tell ghost stories around a campfire. Small ink drawings and steel sculptures act out every day human interactions with subtle gestures or quirky placement. Two lamps may appear to softly speak to one another, but once turned around seem to be trying to get away from each other. These relationships merely reflect human conversations and confrontations as the furniture acts out what it sees and hears.”


Jenny Dowd earned an MFA in ceramics with a minor in fibers at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2005. She completed a BFA in ceramics at Kansas State University in 2002. In 2006 Jenny’s work was exhibited in Milan, Italy as part of the Premio Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro International Competition for Young Sculptors. In 2010 Jenny was an artist in residence at the Ucross Foundation and in 2011 a recipient of a visual arts fellowship from the Wyoming Arts Council. Jenny lives in Alpine, Wyoming with her husband, Sam, where they co-own the small art and pottery business, Dowd House Studios. Currently Jenny is the Ceramics Artist in Residence at the Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan.
Jenny Dowd, CHARACTERS Show
Jenny Dowd, Straight Jacket Chair, Steel and Silk, 2013

Jenny Dowd, CHARACTERS Show
Jenny Dowd, Time Out, Steel, 2013

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Brian Sieveking at SCSU's FAB Gallery


If classical painters had been influenced by today’s pop culture, would they have included famous celebrities like Elvis Presley, James Dean and baseball heroes in their representations of mythology and historical events? Artist Brian Sieveking blurs the boundaries of history, mythology and pop culture for you in his show “Mythegenation 1 and 2.” Mr. Sieveking’s paintings and prints allude to and often borrow directly from northern renaissance altars, early American portrait and history painting, folk art, and commercial art. They explore classical themes, folklore, and recorded history through depictions of actual people and fictional characters interacting with an array of mythical and actual beasts and situations.

Brian Sieveking "Presley and the Shark", oil on board, 24" x 30
Mr. Sieveking is a painter, printmaker, and educator based in Roanoke, Virginia. His paintings, prints, and digital art are held in public and private collections in fourteen states and seven countries. He is the recipient of grants from the National Endowment of the Arts and the Virginia Commission for the Arts. He is a long time collector and researcher of southern folk and outsider art and has curated, lectured, and written extensively on the subject. More of Mr. Sieveking’s work can be seen at briansieveking.com.

His show “Mythegenation 1 and 2” will be in the FAB Gallery from February 4th to February 27th, 10-4 M-F. The reception for this show will be February 7th with an artist talk by Mr. Sieveking from 3:30-4:00 in the FAB Gallery. A reception for the artist will follow the talk from 4-5:30 in the Fine Arts Building foyer and extend into the gallery.
Brian Sieveking, Mythgenation 1&2, FAB Gallery
Brian Sieveking, Mythgenation 1&2, FAB Gallery

Brian Sieveking, Mythgenation 1&2, FAB Gallery

Brian Sieveking, Chris Turner, FAB Gallery

Brian Sieveking, Sputnik Munroe, FAB Gallery

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Alotta Paint: New, Recent and Less Recent Works on Canvas

We’re starting off the New Year with “Alotta Paint” in the FAB Gallery. Mr. Stephen Crall, of the Visual and Performing Arts Department, brings to the Fine Art Buildings Gallery his eight “fairly-large paintings.” Mr. Crall teaches printmaking and foundation courses in art. He is originally from Flint, Michigan and earned his Master of Fine Arts degree from Eastern Michigan University. Mr. Crall currently resides in Columbia and joined the art faculty in 2000. He says, “These paintings are based on nothing more than the folds and stains of the canvas substrate upon which they are painted. Many of these works originally started out as drop clothes for other paintings. There is as little thought as is possible in their design. There is the additional matter that the paintings are visually attractive.”

This show will start on January 7th and run until January 30th. An opening reception is scheduled for Thursday, January 16th from 4-6 PM with the artist in the gallery at 3:30 PM to talk about his work. Please come by the gallery located in the Visual and Performing Arts Center for this event and help us celebrate one of our very own. The FAB Gallery is open Monday - Friday from 9-4, but will be closed on the 20th in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Monday, December 2, 2013

SCSU Senior Show Fall 2013

 Senior Art Show

On display starting December 3rd in the Fine Art Building’s FAB Gallery is the work of the graduating art majors here at South Carolina State University. This art show will encompass multiple works of art created by four of the art department’s seniors: Denzel Smalls, Lavita Heatley, Malaika Collins, and Shanice Dozier. The works on display will include paintings, drawings, photographs, graphic design and digital multi-media.

The reception for this show will be held on December 6th around 1 PM or immediately following their Senior Exit Exam and Critique. Come give these students your support as they exit South Carolina State University with their heads held high in achievement. This show will run from December 3rd to December 14th. There will be a special viewing for family and friends on December 14th from 2-4 PM following the graduation ceremony.

Check out the YouTube video from the show:


Shanice Dozier: Harmonic Warmth
Malaika Collins: Self Portrait #3

Denzel Smalls: Untitled

LaVita Heatley: A Day in the Life of a Student and other works

Monday, November 4, 2013

Welcome to the FAB Gallery Blog.


This month's gallery artist is Winnie Gier. Her show "The Lookers" will be in the FAB Gallery from November 4th to November 22nd, 9-4 M-F. The reception for this show will be November 8th with an artist talk by Ms. Gier from 3-3:30 in the Dr. Barbara A. Vaughan Recital Hall.

Winnie Gier's Artist Statement:

Athens-based artist Winnie Gier employs a scientific and exploratory approach to her projects, using appropriated material and digital painting as a mean to create a response to the idealized landscapes found in travel magazines.  She draws attention to a specific object by blanketing it with bold color, yet denies the viewer access to what is beyond it.  All we are left with is an ominous silhouette of what used to be. This encourages the viewer to think about imagery as a malleable site.

Winnie Gier was born in Gainesville, Florida. She received her BFA in photography from the University of Florida – Gainesville in 2012.  She currently lives and works in Athens, GA where she is a second year MFA candidate at the University of Georgia.

We hope to see you in the gallery soon. Here are some samples of her show.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A Show by Susan Smith and Michael Wessel

The FAB Gallery presents "How We Got From There To Here" a retrospective of work by artists Susan Smith and Michael Wessel. Both artists are new faculty members at SCSU and are displaying their work in this free to the public exhibition located in the Visual and Performing Arts Center, Room 106. This exhibit will be on display from October 11th to November 1st, 9 - 4 PM. The gallery is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Come meet the artists on October 24th as they give a talk about their work. The artist talk will be from 3 - 4 PM in the Dr. Barbara A. Vaughan Recital Hall directly across from the gallery just prior to the reception from 4 - 6 PM.

Both Susan Smith and Michael Wessel received their Master's in Fine Art photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. There they became good friends and now work together here at SCSU. Susan Smith is the new Assistant Professor of Photography and Michael Wessel is the new Adjunct Curator and Studio Manager for the Visual Art Department. These two photographers come from two different styles of photography. Susan's work is established in traditional documentary photography. Her photographs are from two bodies of work: "Dementia: Journey's End" and "Invisible Ranks: A Tribute". She chronicles in these images her mother’s fight with dementia and the traditional 9-5 worker. Michael's work is more conceptually driven. His selections are from his bodies of work: "Direction" and "Tops, Bottoms and Middles". These two bodies of work are very different. Direction looks at the arrow and its symbolic force designed to make us follow. Whereas "Tops, Bottoms and Middles" are still life images of fruit sectioned into thirds making us look at the fruit from all sides.

Susan Smith and Michael Wessel exhibit in the FAB Gallery
Susan Smith: Ms. Hardin from the Invisible Ranks Series

Michael Wessel: Leaving the Santa Monica
Pier from the series Direction